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The spa and salon industry is a necessity for those who desire the latest in luxurious treatments and can be a viable business option for those passionate about the industry.

But starting your very own spa or salon is no small deal. Like many other industries, the skilled technical providers, of spas and salons, aren’t necessarily equipped to successfully handle the rigors ins and outs of taking their business from ideation to creation.

Spa or salon consultants are highly skilled professionals armed with connections, invaluable experience, and a track record of building businesses like yours from the ground up.

Keeping reading below to discover five untapped benefits of hiring a Spa or Salon Consultant.

1. Leave The Tough Stuff To The Professionals

Starting a spa or salon is a massive undertaking with many moving parts. Whether big or small, your business will require intricate planning, execution, and attention to detail. If this is your first step into the industry, it can be even more overwhelming.

The best spa or salon consultant takes the hassle out of the groundwork by efficiently getting everything up and running on your behalf. This leaves you to focus on devising the best treatments to impress your prospective clients.

2. Direct Access To Experience

When you’re entering a competitive multibillion-dollar industry, (yes I said BILLION) you may not have the time to spend years garnering knowledge from trials and errors. Instead, hiring a consultant will save you years as consultants come equipped with years of expertise from being immersed in the industry that they will undoubtedly utilize to build your spa or salon

3. Vendor Connections

One of the most challenging points of any business is access to connections, whether through networking or vendors. The spa and salon industry is highly dependent on reliable vendors and other human resources to ensure the seamless running of your business. A newcomer to the industry will not have valuable connections and formulating relationships with credible vendors can take time. Spa or salon consultants have direct access to reliable resources for all aspects of the business. They will aid you in establishing working relationships with trustworthy vendors and networks.

4. Industry Worthy Training

The spa and salon industry have intimate interactions with customers and, as such, require specialized training. Consultants will effectively train you and your team on the proper procedure and protocol for dealing with customers while establishing and nurturing customer relationships before, during, and after the spa visit.

5. Stay Updated

It is a common misconception that spas or salons need to follow a specific blueprint to be deemed worthy. While there are definitely particular necessary requirements, innovations are created every day that can add unique touches to your business. Employing the services of a spa or salon consultant will give you much needed insight into the latest cutting-edge spa and salon upgrades to provide YOUR business with characteristics of value and uniqueness, that will please and wow your clients simultaneously.

Whether you’re scaling, streamlining your business or you’re a newcomer to the industry, a spa or salon consultant is a worthwhile investment that saves you time while you adequately prepared to create and run a sound business. Don’t think of hiring a consultant as asking for help. Instead, think of them as your personal A-Team ready to do their best at elevating your spa or salon.

At The Ardent Factory, we provide salon and spa owners with luxury curation, systems and execute plans to establish, improve or grow their business. Book a complimentary consultation with us today.


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