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"Professionals Need Professionals Too" 

Tina Chestnut

The Ardent Factory Management Consulting is a lifestyle of engagement & evolution. I help salon & spa owners with team development  and management systems to increase revenue and decrease employee turnover. 

My mission is to equip and empower the next generation of multi-million-dollar salon & spa owners to achieve unrivaled success through a standard of excellence.  
Salon & Spa owners come to me when they want to step out of day-to-day service delivery and or operations to focus on other aspects of their business and or life.

With more than two decades of industry expertise serving as salon & spa management for private, corporate & luxury businesses I am prepared to support you in reaching your business goals. I bring great value in leadership, operational best practices and tangible growth to help you take control of your vision for your business. I have lived the inclusive lifestyle of the beauty industry & understand its markets from sole proprietorship to the international luxury salons & spas including the world class hotel sector.  

My Services Are For You If:

Your business is already profitable but want to increase


You are fully staffed or looking to staff and build a team


You are looking to expand to multiple locations


You have a management structure but require systems and/or management training


You are looking to establish management systems into place

Luxury Spa Treatment Massage Room










My Services Provide Business Owners Access To High Quality Industry Management Practices Tailored To Specification. 

Most services are performed virtually and all with consistent engagement.

Premium packages are designed from foundational to extensive management programs lasting 12-24 weeks in true task force style, with action plans, focus calls and redirection assistance. 


High premium services include in-house visits and trainings as you benefit from my highly effective unique value the " I do, we do, you do " system where I implement , we implement together, and then you implement by yourself. This is a proven method I myself have success in training managers and leaders and know it will work for you, if you are willing. 

This is you personal invitation to
inquire about the services you require to make a great impact in your business! Contact me TODAY!  

Experience The Difference

What separates me from the rest : 

Trained in Forbes Five Star Spa Management 

Engagement Focus

Results Driven

Full Service Variety

Uncompromised Quality

I  know the business AND I understand the people.

What My Clients Say

Beards & Brazilians

I am so thankful for the training I received from the Ardent Factory. Starting my own business for the first time and transitioning from the corporate world was very scary and challenging. I struggled with understanding what hindered me from making those numbers consistently. The Ardent Factory training helped me to identify the things that initiated traffic, helped me to increase the average amount spent per client and instilled some encouraging and motivating practices to get through the tough times. I am forever grateful for my time with Tina and cannot wait to see where things go from here.

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