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Many salon & spa owners struggle with hiring because they’re not sure where to start, so I created a how-to-where-to guide to walk you through the process of finding your next beauty professional with a BONUS!!!

Inside, you'll have:

  • Proven strategies for finding top talent in the beauty industry

  • Expert tips for attracting and retaining the best candidates

  • Strategies for standing out among competitors during hiring season

  • Actionable steps for building networks that support your hiring needs


Avoid this common mistake many business owners make.

Most salon and spa owners say more clients will solve their problems...


So they drop a few thousand on a marketing agency for one campaign, gain a few more clients, witness a spike in their revenue and they are ecstatic.


Unfortunately very shortly the new clients are gone, the revenue is back to insufficient and they have no clue what happened or what to do.


Here's the truth:

You hold the key to a steady revenue stream and a loyal clientele.


A simple marketing strategy that works on a consistent basis from an in spa level will unlock that door for you.


Take the Salon & Spa Marketing Strategy Quiz To 

  • Uncover your marketing blind spots

  • Identify your growth opportunities and

  • Access personalized strategies


Don't let uncertainties hold you back this year!


Ditch the fleeting success it's time for sustainable growth!


Take the FREE quiz NOW and set your salon/spa on the path to real success TODAY!

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In our pursuit to empower the next generation of multi-million-dollar spa and salon owners to achieve unrivaled success we have tailored masterclasses from, leadership, marketing to memberships and more.

If you'd like to be notified of when these masterclasses go live, sign up to the waitlist to let us know. You'll also have voting power of which classes would be rendered next. 

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Our senior consultant, Tina Chestnut freely shares valuable tips, strategies, and insider insights that can revolutionize your salon & spa business. 


Whether you're looking to grow your revenue, optimize operations, or curate a top-tier customer service experience, you'll find a wealth of knowledge within this exclusive content. Watch the replays today! 

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