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The TRUTH about why you're losing your staff to salon and spa suites

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Every few decades there is an exodus in the salon and spa business by beauty professionals who enter into salon and spa suite establishments. Post Covid, this has become an even greater concern for salon and spa owners in the traditional brick and mortar model.

As we gain a sense of normalcy again many business owners struggle to fill their salon and spas with candidates and most importantly struggle to retain their team of qualified professionals.

People don’t want to work.

This generation is lazy!

Are you a salon and spa owner repeating this to yourself?

Have you heard your industry peers voice this?

Listen carefully.. Lean in closely,

Get closer…

You're RIGHT!

They do NOT want :
To work on commission salary only, standing around fully available for you and receiving no pay
Strolling the beat in search of clients
Relying on YouTube videos for their career education
People want to serve with passion and purpose with progression!

They have workplace boundaries and standards now.

They want
work life balance
advancement opportunities.

You want to know how to implement this in your salon/spa today? Schedule your complimentary appointment with me NOW, message me NOW and let's move forward together.

For additional support, listen to this podcast made specifically for the owner who has uttered these words. In Salon & Spa Talk Radio ep5 I uncover the top 5 reasons why you’re losing your beauty professionals to Salon Suites and what you can do about it.

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