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Did you know that September is Alopecia Awareness month ?

About 30 million women suffer from alopecia in the US. As you may know alopecia comes in so many different forms and affects a woman’s confidence, mental health and overall lifestyle. How many of your clients are
experiencing hair loss ? What are their day-to- day struggles as they cope with this vicious disorder ? How are they feeling?
As you move into September think about how you can show a little extra support for those whom alopecia affects. Here are a few engagement tips you can include in your September offerings .


Consider hosting an event of your own or collaborate:
Raise awareness :
Help women who are seeing early signs of alopecia identify this disorder and reach out sooner than later.

Support clients:
When considering who suffers from alopecia, what specific struggles are you witnessing in your salon/spa?

Are there trichologists that you can refer them to?

What organizations or businesses are doing something for hair loss that your business can add value to?

Safe space :
Having a place where you can "just be you" means the world to human beings ! Being acknowledged that you're doing your best at any given time can really help one's confidence, esteem and outlook on life.

Think about creating a night to celebrate in your community whether it’s in person or on-line. Serve cocktails, a bite to eat, laughs and celebrate one another. An old fashioned “girl time” can have long lasting wonderful effects on the whole being of our souls.



This is where it really gets interesting and you make this month a win-win for you and your clients.

Offer treatments that align with alopecia or help them to forget about it all together.

* Preventative treatments
* Scalp treatments

* Hair Installs such as
*wig installs,
* tape ins,
* micro-links
* other safe install methods

“We see you “ treatments filled with luxurious pampering and attention such as
* Massage packages
* Mani/pedi packages


What vendors are you already connected with that can support this cause ?

If you have hair loss retail in your establishment that's AMAZING!! Here are a few options :

* FDA approved supplements
* Topical shampoo, conditioner, treatment sets
* Hair oils
* Hair pieces

Remember some people may feel that there is nothing they can do about their alopecia and have totally given up on treatments. For these people focus on inner wellness and experience
* Bath Salts
* Candles
* Skin Care


I’ve given you a pleather of tips, choices and ways to get started this month to support alopecia in your salon/spa.

Hit the like button and comment to let me know, which ones sound most interesting to you?

Which do you think you can get started with today??

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