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How to Show Your Salon & Spa Clients Appreciation During the Thanksgiving Season

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time of overwhelming cheer and an outpouring of gratitude. As time progressed, though maintaining some of its traditional principles, Thanksgiving has now morphed into a commercial tool where companies show their appreciation for clients.

Now more than ever, Thanksgiving can be a vital tool of clients appreciation due to the pandemic. Covid-19 raged havoc on businesses all across the globe and salons & spa everywhere were just as affected. Many had to close their doors and those who managed to stay afloat had to employ creative methods to retain their clientele.

But what stands true is that clients are the backbone of the salon & spa industry, and all gratitude must be bestowed upon them for keeping the wheels in our industry turning even amidst lockdowns and social distancing.

So, in honor of your clients, listed below are four thanksgiving ideas for your salon and or spa to show your clients how much you appreciate their business, especially through these unpredictable times.

1. Discounted Thank You

What better way to say thank you than by saying thank you than giving back, right? Every client loves deals, especially from their favorite spa or salon. Send your clients a heartfelt email or text thanking them for the continued service coupled with a memorable discount code for prime services. Be sure that the discount adds value to a highly coveted but seldomly purchased service.

2. Thank You Together

Spas are all about a wholesome, holistic relaxation. The only thing that makes it better is sharing the experience with a friend, family, or loved one. Offer your clients discounted services when they bring company along. Not only does this increase your sales but when done right, you also get the chance to convert newly impressed persons into regular clients.

3. Service & Product Bundles

Another great way to show appreciation to your clients is by offering Thanksgiving bundles on your products, services, or a fun mix of both. Use this great option to allow clients to try out your less popular services that they may have been hesitant to try by making it an add-on to your best sellers. You can also include products that have been slow to sell that support services offered.

4. The Gift of Giving

Thanksgiving is the event that officially kickstarts the festive season and you know the hunt for the perfect gift begins at Thanksgiving. What better gift is there than a gift certificate to the ones you love from your favorite spa or salon? Create digital and physical gift certificates to take the hassle out of gifting for your clients while attracting new clients. For a bonus, allow your clients to also reap a referral reward for doing so! Truly a gift that keeps giving.

Thanksgiving is the ideal opportunity to show your clients you appreciate every filled appointment and every referral. Use it to boost sales, get new clients while telling your regulars Thank You.

When keeping your clientele engaged and give back a solid marketing strategy is key. Creating irresistible offers and opportunities that strengthen the bond between consumer and brand is how you consistently show them you appreciate them. You can get started today on this path and create a 12 month strategy that appeals to your clientele and supports your business goals and I have just the solution to help you get there. Check out the link below.

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