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MONTHLY MARKETING UNLOCKED is designed to help salon and spa business owners maximize their marketing efforts, increase revenue and retain clients.

In Spa Marketing Funnels is the 3rd module in the Monthly Marketing Unlocked course. This mod is designed to empower salon and spa owners with the knowledge and tools to create systematic and repeatable in-spa marketing funnels. Through this million dollar blueprint you’ll understand the sales funnel concept and be able to implement this strategic marketing technique into your salon and spa. You'll learn exactly how to maximize client engagement, improve product sales, and enhance client retention for business success in 30 days or less.


Price Options
Marketing Unlocked
Salon/Spa Owners & Managers
$499.00every month for 6 months

    • Introduction to sales funnels and their significance in marketing

    • The 10 step million dollar blueprint  for client conversion and relationship nurturing

    • Integrating in spa operations with automation strategies 

    • Overcome business challenges to improve guest experience, guest retention and overall revenue