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Hiring Season

As we prepare for our industry peak season you may also be preparing for new hires. Many salon and spa owners struggle with hiring because they are not sure of where to start.

They think they don’t have the time to train a newer inexperienced service provider.

They are weary of the overbearing yet talented experienced vet

They want to find a new way to hire but simply can't get out of the old way of doing things.

We know that while hiring new employees bring us additional revenue and help to support our business goals but :

Have you considered what your ideal new hire will look like?

Do you know how to identify them?

How do you personalize the hiring experience to stand out among your competitors who are also hiring ?

As our industry picks up in momentum I see many salon and spa owners seeking employees to fill their growing demand in their businesses . No matter the season the top 3 questions most industry owners are consistently asking about hiring season are:

Where to find quality beauty and wellness professionals ?

Should I hire a new professional straight from school ?

Should I hire an experienced professional?

In my podcast Salon & Spa Talk Radio ep4 I provide answers and clarity around these questions so that you can make the best decision for your business during any season of hire. Listen today.

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