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Where The Passion Began...

The Ardent Factory, LLC is solely founded and owned by Chief Executive Officer, Tina Chestnut.

Working from the foundation upward with two decades of Salon & Spa expertise Tina has advanced from a master stylist to a licensed manager and business owner. Tina has gained leadership and communication strategies to create a standard of excellence within the industry by developing and maintaining relationships, team building skills and finance management, to meet and exceed goals.


While serving as spa manager for the crème de la crème, tiered service industry such as The Ritz-Carlton Tina acquired a niche for luxury setting, understanding the internal and external client needs for respect, authenticity and deliverables.

Recently she successfully opened a luxury hotel spa from construction to operation.

A substantial amount of dedication, effort and discipline went into producing of The Ardent Factory and her professional experiences and working knowledge have been poured into The Ardent Factory, LLC.


CEO & Founder
Tina Chestnut

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